Some of us like to partay!


Pages on this site correspond to slides for Alexandre Enkerli’s presentation at IgniteMtl 2011, held at Il Motore on February 8, 2011. Ignite Montreal is part of Global Ignite Week. Alex’s talk was entitled: “The Serious Business of Playfulness.”

Page/Slide List

  1. People
  2. Nature
  3. Childhood
  4. Groups
  5. Ritual
  6. Humanity
  7. Seriousness
  8. Power
  9. Love
  10. Humour
  11. Performance
  12. Rehearsal
  13. Beta
  14. Failure
  15. Spectacle
  16. Action
  17. Improvisation
  18. Freedom
  19. Life
  20. Sum

The following is an animation version created in Hype 1.0.

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